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For individuals with disabilities, Independent Living means controlling and directing your own life. It means taking risks and being allowed to succeed and fail on your own terms. It means participating in community life and pursuing activities of your own choosing. Independent Living is knowing what choices are available, selecting what is right for you, and taking responsibility for your own actions

For people with disabilities affecting their ability to make complicated decisions or pursue complex activities, Independent Living means being as self-sufficient as possible. It means being able to exercise the greatest degree of choice in where you live, with whom you live, how you live, where you work, with whom you work and how you use your time.

Who does an Independent Living Center serve?

  • People with all physical and mental disabilities living in their own homes, supported living arrangements, institutional settings, and elsewhere
  • People with disabilities of all ages
  • Parents, spouses, siblings and other important people to people with disabilities
  • School personnel
  • Businesses, industries and other employers
  • Local government agencies
  • Human service organizations
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Hospitals, health organizations and the medical community
  • Civic organizations

SAIL is a non-profit corporation that relies heavily on donations for continued operations. More than 7,000 services were provided last year, and the demand for assistance is growing. We thank you for your support!

Our Mission

To promote the independence, equality and dignity of people with disabilities in all aspects of personal and community life. For people with disabilities and their families, Independent Living means knowing what services and supports are available, having the ability to choose the services that are right for each person, family and lifestyle, and taking responsibility for personal choices and actions.

Services provided through SAIL enable people with disabilities of any age to gain control over their lives through information and referral; assistive technology assessment and loan; peer counseling; individual and systems advocacy; independent living skills; computer and job readiness training; architectural barrier consultation; benefit and entitlement counseling; disability awareness training; errand support; and voter registration. As a non-profit corporation, we welcome you as a partner in independence and thank you for your support.

Notice of Rights and Responsibilities, Confidentiality and Grievance Process

As a local non-profit, we strive to provide you with the best services possible. Below is the opportunity to read what your rights and responsibilities as a consumer and also SAIL’s confidentiality and grievance policy for your review.

Notification of Rights and Responsibilities