Independent Life Skills and Benefits Assistance

Advocacy logoAdvocacy is a service which provides the core elements of Independent Living Centers. These include system and individual advocacy, information and referral, peer counseling & mentoring and independent living skills training. Additional services include benefits and entitlement advisement, architectural barrier consultation, and community education concerning issues or questions regarding disabilities.

Individual Advocacy is provided to support individuals in understanding and exercising their personal rights. Systems Advocacy is provided to overcome physical, programmatic, legislative and communication barriers to services and programs.

Through our Advocacy programs, SAIL HELPS with:

  • Advocacy Services related to local, state or federal programs including:
  • Health Insurance, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security, Housing & Transportation
  • Accessibility for private and public programs and services
  • Benefits Assistance including: SSA, SSI, SSDI, NYS Disability, Worker’s Compensation, VA Benefits, SNAP, TANF, and Public Assistance
  • Accessibility for private or publicly owned properties

SAIL SUCCESS STORY: A gentleman with Cerebral Palsy needed assistance in applying for Medicare Savings Program. SAIL services resulted in reduced out-of-pocket expenses, improved care, and the ability to monitor his medical bills.

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