SAIL is developing the STAY@Home program to enable persons who are living with a disability or aging in place to maintain their independence.  We have noticed that there are many persons in our community who are in need of trusted assistance around their home.  STAY Home is designed to connect participants with needs to providers who can give them a helping hand.

SAIL is seeking persons, community groups or agencies who can give a helping hand to others with simple home chores or lawn care tasks.  Participants will be asked to pay providers $12/hour for services provided.

At this time we are specifically looking for individuals, groups or agencies who would be willing to help persons who are aging or disabled with lawn care over the summer.

Please fill out the STAY@Home Participant/Provider registration form to become part of STAY@Home.  Please contact James Swanson at or 518-792-3537 ext. 1135 for more information.

Check out the STAY@Home Brochure for more information.

STAY@Home Brochure