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We Need Each Other

By Chas Barrie, SAIL Advocate

I can’t help but think that the majority people are consumed with the overwhelming flow of information facing us every day concerning the coronavirus. I get up each morning and the first thing I do is check the number of new cases and hope the number of deaths hasn’t increased. Most of us also have been listening to the stories of the medical community fighting this virus with a shortage of supplies.

I’m sure you all have family members or close friends who are first responders, in the medical field, a postal worker, or employed in another field like a grocery store employee who is actively involved in keeping us safe and supplied with the necessities to keep us going until this pandemic has passed.

It is important to remember that many have families, so not only do they put themselves in harm’s way but in many cases their families, too. In some cases, their spouses and children are being abandoned for extended periods of time, while they put themselves in jeopardy.

We should all take some time to thank all of those who are going over and above for us during this difficult time. Here are just a few suggestions you can use to show your gratitude:

  • Stay Home!!!
  • Maintain social distancing!!
  • Don’t use unnecessary masks and protective equipment. Save and donate that equipment for the people trying to save lives. (Stay home instead)
  • Send a simple thank you note, either to someone you personally know, or perhaps an entire staff at a local hospital, ems, law enforcement agency, your local pharmacist, fire departments, grocery store employees, truck drivers and farmers. Don’t forget your local trash collectors, and I’m sure there are more.
  • Leave a thank you note for the mailman.
  • Check on the families of relatives of families or friends. Can you send them anything? 
  • Support local restaurants by ordering take out. (Don’t forget to tip)
  • Support grocery stores that allow for ordering over the internet and pickup. (don’t forget to tip)
  • No doubt many of you can come up with additional ways to let these people know you appreciate all they are doing.
  • Finally, below are listed a few websites with some other possibilities.

Remember they need our support as much as we need them.





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