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Administrative Staff

  Marti Burnley, Executive Director ext. 1010
Anna Livingston, Chief of Administration ext. 1103
  Tyler WhitneySenior Director of Administration
          and Operations ext. 1101
Sue VanDerwerken, Director of Finance ext. 1105               
Maria MullinsFinance Administrator ext. 1110

NHTD/TBI Waiver RRDC (Regional Resource Development Center)

Jennifer Shippee, Director of Waiver Services ext. 1112
Nicole Lafond, Lead TBI RRDS ext. 1113
Amanda Kostyk, Lead NHTD RRDS ext. 1127

Janet Nolin, Waiver RRDS ext. 1115
Cynthia Mitchell, Nurse Evaluator ext. 1119
Steve Briggs, Waiver RRDS ext. 1111
Barbara Potvin, Waiver ARRDS ext. 1102
Michele Salls, Waiver RN Per Diem
Anthony Lemise, ARRDS ext.1321
Christine Trimboli, Waiver RN Per Diem
Samantha Wendell, ARRDS ext.1131

Advocacy (Form Preparation Assistance and Benefit Advisement)

Shirley Dumont, Senior Advocate (Queensbury) ext. 1135
Debra Goichman, Senior Advocate (Ballston Spa) ext. 2203
Mylina Prunier, Advocate (Ballston Spa) ext. 2202
Patty Woodruff, Advocate (Ballston Spa) ext. 2204
Chris Lacy, Advocate (Queensbury) ext. 1001
Jennifer Livingston, Advocate (Queensbury) ext.1011
Kathy Barrie, Advocate (Queensbury) ext 1331
Chas Barrie, Architectual Barrier Consultant ext. 1134
Nick Possemato, Reception Advocate (Queensbury) ext. 1133

TRAID (Medical Equipment Loans)

Kendra Livingston, Assistive Technology Advocate ext. 1142

Olmstead Housing Program

Sharon Frederick, Housing Specialist ext. 2206

Open Doors (Nursing Home to Community Transitions)

Sarah Haley, Lead Transition Specialist ext. 1132
Brandi Kirby, Transition Specialist ext. 2205

ICAN (Independent Consumer Advocacy Network)

Kasey Manning, Director of Health Insurance and Advocacy Services ext. 1301
Deven Springer, Health Insurance Programs Administrative  Support ext. 1745

CHA (Community Health Advocate)

Kasey Manning, Director of Health Insurance and Advocacy Services ext. 1301                                                                  April Easton, Community Health Advocate ext. 1311
Debra Goichman, Community Health Advocate (Ballston Spa) ext. 2203
Kylie Kalafchi, Health Advocate ext. 1302

CACT (Center for Adaptive Computer Technology)

Peter Welch, CACT Coordinator/Peer Counselor ext. 1141

Navigators (NYS of Health)

Roger Walkup, Health Insurance Enrollment Managerext. 1123
Vincent Ulrich, Navigator Specialist (Queenbury) ext. 1125
Nicole Armour, Navigator Specialist (Queensbury) ext. 1122
Brooke Lacy, Navigator Specialist (Queensbury) ext. 1002
Mark Finkle, Navigator Specialist (Queensbury) ext. 1124
Kayla Moore, Navigator Specialist (Plattsburgh) ext. 3401
Lynn Kelley-Miller, Navigator Specialist (Plattsburgh) ext. 3401
Kylie Kalafchi, Navigator Specialist ext.1302
Linda Townsend, Navigator Administrative Assistant ext. 1120

ABD Medicaid (Aged, Blind and Disabled)

Roger Walkup, Health Insurance Enrollment Manager ext. 1123  April Diffee, Facilitated Enroller ext. 1107
Sarah Haley, Lead Transition Specialist ext. 1132
Mark Finkle, Facilitated Enroller ext. 1124
Patty Woodruff, Facilitated Enroller ext. 2204

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