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SAIL helps with with the following service areas:



Afford Health Insurance, Care, and Health Needs


Help to get Equipment and Technology


Accessing the Programs and Services that Help


Information Related to Disability and Health


Returning to and Staying in the Community


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Reach Your Destination with SAIL!

SAIL helps YOU navigate the services sea.

Identify YOUR Destination

The first thing we help you do is figure out what destination you are trying to get to.

  • Do you want to be able to live safely in the community?
  • Do you want to be able to afford your health care and needs?
  • Do you want to use equipment to live more safely?
  • Do you want to access information about disabilities or related issues like accessibility?
  • Or you might want to access programs and services that will allow you to live more independently?

No matter what destination you are trying to get to, SAIL’s staff can help you prioritize needs and figure out where YOU want to be traveling.

Select a Route

The second step after you figure out what destination you are heading toward is to decide on the route you want to take to get there.

Maybe you want to be able to afford medical care. You can discuss with a staff member the various ways that you can get to that destination:

  • Apply for medicaid for those over 65, with a disability, or who are blind
  • Apply for a Marketplace plan like Medicaid for Low Income, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan, or Qualified Health Plans
  • Apply for patient assistance or charity care programs
  • Utilize coupons or other less expensive methods to afford your care by private paying


The next step is to actually embark on the route you selected toward the destination you have chosen. This may be an application, referral, information about a process, or even a phone call to get you closer to where YOU want to be.

If you head toward living safely in the community, you may choose to apply for the Medicaid Waiver programs that would provide in-home services to help you or someone you love avoid or leave a nursing home. This step would include:

  • Getting a referral to the program
  • Having someone come out to your house to do an intake interview and see if you are a good fit for the program
  • Selecting a service coordination agency and working with them to develop your service plan

Journeying Together

Now this step may seem unnecessary, but the reality is that seeking services and programs to help you is a journey not a jaunt. SAIL staff are here for you while you wait!

Maybe your goal is to get Social Security Disability Insurance to replace income lost due to a disability, but while you wait you still have to live. SAIL Advocates could help you apply for:

  • Social Services programs that may help
  • Housing subsidies
  • ACCES-VR Services for education or employment support
  • Other supportive programs and services to help you while you are waiting for the help that you need.

Celebrating Success!

SAIL will still be here when you get where you are going. There may be other questions or needs that come up or you may need help navigating the services you are utilizing. SAIL will still be here to help YOU meet your goals to be more independent and SUCCEED.

Maybe you needed a piece of equipment to meet your needs for accessibility. Say you came in and tried 3 or 4 devices and decided to borrow that piece of equipment to try out and decide if it will meet your needs. After trying the equipment, you realized you will need it long term to be safe in your home and community.

Maybe you may want to come back to SAIL with a new destination. SAIL will be here to help you again!

SAIL helps you turn problems, needs, and fears into YOUR stories of success.