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Assistive Technology and Durable Medical Equipment

SAIL provides loans of assistive technology and durable medical equipment through its TRAID/EI project.

TRAID is Technological Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities. TRAID is the busiest department in SAIL on a daily basis. Each day dozens of people come into SAIL in Queensbury or Ballston Spa seeking to borrow medical equipment for someone who has a disabling condition. TRAID loans out all kinds of equipment for 30 days at a time and up to about 90 days. Borrowers have the opportunity to try out medical equipment just at the time they need it the most. Many TRAID participants have recently had surgery or an injury and they need medical equipment to be able to make their home accessible to them as they are healing.

One person assisting someone while walking with walker

SAIL HELPS with the loaning of equipment for:

  • Skill Development
  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Mobility
  • Home and Vehicle Access
  • Recreation

Those who are seeking to use TRAID’s services should call ahead to reserve equipment. In Queensbury, call (518) 792-3537, ext. 1142. In Ballston Spa, call (518) 584-8202.

When a person comes in to borrow medical equipment they can come to the SAIL staff at either SAIL location to begin the loan process. After taking down some basic contact information, a TRAID specialist will assist the borrower in understanding how to use the equipment correctly, and how to adjust the position and sizing of the device.

SAIL staff frequently hear similar testimonies about the value of TRAID. Many times TRAID participants state that they wish they had known about TRAID earlier, or that TRAID is SAIL’s best kept secret.

Early Childhood Equipment and Technology

SAIL has learning toys, devices, and equipment appropriate for ages 0-3 and older. These devices include switches, sensory devices, and gross motor play devices.

There is a room at SAIL where some of these devices and equipment is set up for children to play with and for therapists or family members to “shop” for things to borrow for a child that may benefit from its use.

A child being assisted by an adult on an activity

Center for Adaptive Computer Technology

SAIL’s Center for Adaptive Computer Technology or CACT is a resource for equipment and training on equipment related to technology, information processing, vision, and other needs that can be met by this type of equipment. The CACT program includes computer classes and trainings on devices and equipment. There are also other tools that may be helpful for employment and education like Livescribe pens. In addition there are vision devices and other forms of technology that can help someone to be more independent.

SAIL helps you turn problems, needs, and fears into YOUR stories of success.